Stories for a better world – 02 May, 2023 11:00 CEST

Catalysing Change Week – Solutions From the Frontlines

Learn how to make your story a catalyst for change- to inspire others and share your solutions with the rest of the world. Join our panel discussion with some of the most successful communicators in the NGO and Social Enterprise sectors and bring your story to life!


  • Taye Balogun: Film Director, educator, and Media & International development Practitioner.
  • Maryam Mohsin Head of Media & Communications at Bond.
  • David Campbell: Documentary filmmaker and content producer.

Key Topics:

  1. Whose voice? Ensuring authenticity, relevance, respect & dignity
  2. How storytelling is vastly more powerful than the simple transfer of information and knowledge.
  3. Empathy and Human values. Why stories only have an impact if we can empathise with the subjects and identify basic human values.
  4. Passion & Authenticity. How to stand out in a sea of information
  5. Facts are neutral – How stories can take facts and add meaning, relevance, and value.
  6. How storytelling promotes understanding across different cultures and creates a dynamic environment for the exchange of ideas.