Despite talk of a ceasefire, the war in Yemen drags on into its eighth year and an estimated 20 million people are in desperate need. Yet only a fraction of the $4.3 billion requested from donor states in March was forthcoming. Western states offered $1.3 billion…and the Saudis? Nothing.

In the same month, the UN’s appeal for Ukraine got a record response.Meanwhile:

– In Afghanistan, hunger is becoming an urgent problem and a measles outbreak is killing hundreds.

– The situation in Syria is still, of course, ongoing with 13.4 million people in need of assistance and 6.6 million refugees worldwide – mostly in neighbouring countries.

– Six million people in Tigray are facing extreme food and medical shortages due to lack of security for relief convoys.

– A humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in Myanmar as the country’s military blocks aid and supplies as part of their policy to curb resistance.

– As the western world withdraws forces from Mali and the Jihadists move in, hunger levels hit their highest levels in years and around 350,000 people are on the move to escape the violence.

– Al Shabab have been rampaging through northern Mozambique, stripping the district of Cabo Delgado of 730,000 people as they flee south from the onslaught.

– South Sudan remains the biggest refugee crisis in Africa with 2.3 million accommodated in neighbouring countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

– The Somali civil war rages on with 3.1 million people reported to be ‘of concern’ to UNHCR

– Refugees are still flooding across borders from the Democratic Republic of Congo into neighbouring counties like Uganda. Almost 1 million have fled ongoing conflict according to UNHCR.

– Venezuela, Burundi, Nigeria, the Sahel region, the Central African Republic and more are all contributing to the flow of refugees from a combination of violence, economic factors, climate change, persecution, insecurity and food shortages.

Photo: Lamkmat al-Hajfar camp near the rural Yemeni town of Al-Dahle ©2019 European Union (photographer: Peter Biro)