What We Do

We make documentaries, short films, social media content, blogs, news and features about social justice and international development. We aim to produce one full length feature documentary each year, while producing hundreds of short videos and written content for our social media platforms. We also provide a wide range of content, social and communications for selected commercial clients in the CSR and aid and development spaces.

Our work is published on major TV and streaming platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Freevee, Plex and across social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter etc.

Coming Soon

We Don’t Do Charity

In Production – Due Autumn 2024

Empires in the Sun

Pre-Production – Due 2025


Pre-Production – Due 2025/56

Partner With Us

Can we help tell your story? We’re looking for commercial partners who would benefit either from investing in our documentary and social media productions or could use our skills and abilities to help create high quality content for their organisation.

What we offer

In addition to the sponsorship and investment opportunities available with our feature documentary productions, Republica Media offers a huge range of top class creative content and social media production services that can help your existing in-house social team reach and engage audiences across the globe.

These include:

  • Short form & social video production
  • Web Series
  • Journalism – features, news & blogs etc.
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Podcast & Audio production
  • Story research and development
  • Social Media Strategy & promotion
  • Web Site production & management
  • Full feature film and video short production services :
    • Initial story & audience research
    • Access negotiation
    • Filming/Shooting
    • Story development & structure
    • Editing
    • Post-production (Colour, sound etc.)
    • Distribution (Including Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Vimeo, YouTube, FreeVee, Plex, Tubi, Theatrical & TV)

Our previous work

Although Republica Media is a young company, we have already produced our first full length feature film in addition to a web series (around one million views on Facebook Watch, Youtube, Vimeo Showcase etc.).

We manage several social media platforms, including The Aid Files where we create & share stories that confront prejudice, stereotypes & inequity in the Aid & Development space.

We also work closely with our client the ISEDT on a longer term basis.

Feature Film – The Indian Queen

Social Media – The Aid Files

Web Series – The Adventures of Queen Bee

Shorts & Social Media Videos