Visual Content Production...

For Publishers

We help print and online media brands break boundaries and expand into video and television to achieve increased audience reach and engagement, together with higher advertising revenues through expanded inventory and greater impact.

For PR Agencies

Republica Media works in partnership with PR and Ad agencies who aim to give their clients that extra competitive edge with video PR, video news releases and video content for social media. Find out how we can support you and your clients today.

A Unique Approach

Putting your story first

We are different because we put your story first. We only deliver content that works for you and hooks your audience. Fresh, engaging, relevant and professional – talk to us and we’ll tell everybody.

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Video for Web Sites

From video introductions, product videos, news, through to video blogs and more, every web site owner knows the power of visual content to deliver a message and grab attention. Not to mention the boost to search engine positions by publishing videos.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos deliver your brand message in a powerful and memorable way, far more powerfully than text and images alone. Corporate videos that engage and inform are our speciality. Our services are cost-effective and professional.

Social Media

There is nothing better than video to boost your social media presence. We provide a complete service by creating a comprehensive social media strategy for media companies and businesses, and deliver results with a planned and sustained flow of content.

Editing & Post Production

With thousands of hours of editing experience covering documentaries, TV features, News, web videos, events and more, no-one is more qualified than Republica Media to take your concept and raw footage and transform it into a slick, finished production.

Branded Content Development

Producing video and supporting content is a speciality here at Republica Media. We provide a complete service by creating a comprehensive and compelling branded experience, and deliver results with a planned and sustained flow of content.

Broadcast TV

We help specialist media outlets expand and extend into television. We handle everything including creative concept, EPG booking and scheduling, filming and post production to broadcast standards, and final delivery for transmission.

Independent & Branded Productions

We love documentaries. And we love creating them. Whether it's for a brand sponsor, or an independent production for theatrical release or a TV production, we bring the same passion, care and creativity to every project, small and large.

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David Campbell

Starting out as a motorsport journalist and then award-winning copywriter, David now directs Republica’s output. His technical knowledge makes him the seat to swerve at lunch, unless you too enjoy discussing the films of Werner Herzog and whether Red or Arri is superior. His impatience at the failure to exploit the opportunities new platforms present is truly the stuff of legend.

Amanda Campbell

As a journalist, editor and then PR director, there is very little Amanda has not written about or wanted to write about. Having worked for the BBC, The Guardian, and as editor for both general women's titles and county magazines, her experience is extensive. A happy show-off, she loves to explain very complex projects as if she has been working on them for years, whereas, the truth is, she has probably just put the phone down after a briefing.


Known to spin on the spot and then butt-tuck around the house when embarrassed, Bradley embodies many of the qualities a good creative needs: spontaneous, full of energy and incredibly needy. Hourly rate chargeable in gravy bones (ex VAT).