Our Core Services...

Public Relations

We have over two decades experience in working with businesses large and small to create successful PR campaigns across a wide range of industries. We have expertise in B2B and B2C markets, and have helped engineering, automotive, technology, leisure, food and farming companies achieve media recognition.

Content Marketing

Republica Media helps businesses generate and manage a constant flow of creative, professional content. We keep your communications channels alive with vibrant, engaging news, features and video that grab attention and keep your audience engaged and loyal to your business.

Video Production

No other medium commands user attention like video. Not only does video increase user engagement, it also increases traffic and time spent on your site, and generates a higher volume of high quality leads and sales.

What's Your Story?

The importance of narrative in branding

People do business with people they like. It’s an old adage but it’s even more valid in today’s noisy market place. Developing a backstory for your business that inspires trust and confidence is vital in conveying your brand values and generating sales.

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Our Key Skills...

Content Marketing

Republica Media is staffed by real journalists, which means we have a distinct edge when it comes to creating and distributing authentic and quality scheduled content to engage on whichever platform they use.

Media Relations

Press and PR campaigns are still at the core of what we do at Republica Media. But we don’t just send out press releases. We work hard to sell your message into media outlets and build and maintain strong relationships with journalists, editors and influencers in your market.

Video Production

Video is essential for successful content campaigns. Our services are quick and cost effective - when you need short videos for frequent posting, we won't burden you with huge cinematic productions! Just great quality stories to professional standards.

Social Media

An integrated approach is vital to your communications strategy, so we don’t actually separate the social media function from the rest of our services. Social Media is always part of our content and PR strategies, and seamlessly integrated into all activities.

Event Support

For many businesses, events and exhibitions are a huge investment. We have many years of success in helping exhibitors leverage their presence and striving to create a real buzz around their activities to maximise results.


In these days of GDPR and heavy regulation, email marketing and outreach has become a hot topic, but building a sound email list and delivering quality content is still the most effective and powerful way to engage with customers and clients.

Independent & Branded Productions

We love documentaries. And we love creating them. Whether it's for a brand sponsor, or an independent production for theatrical release or a TV production, we bring the same passion, care and creativity to every project, small and large.

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David Campbell

Starting out as a motorsport journalist and then award-winning copywriter, David now directs Republica’s output. His technical knowledge makes him the seat to swerve at lunch, unless you too enjoy discussing the films of Werner Herzog and whether Red or Arri is superior. His impatience at the failure to exploit the opportunities new platforms present is truly the stuff of legend.

Amanda Campbell

As a journalist, editor and then PR director, there is very little Amanda has not written about or wanted to write about. Having worked for the BBC, The Guardian, and as editor for both general women's titles and county magazines, her experience is extensive. A happy show-off, she loves to explain very complex projects as if she has been working on them for years, whereas, the truth is, she has probably just put the phone down after a briefing.


Known to spin on the spot and then butt-tuck around the house when embarrassed, Bradley embodies many of the qualities a good creative needs: spontaneous, full of energy and incredibly needy. Hourly rate chargeable in gravy bones (ex VAT).